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Digital art, sent digitally. 300 ppi. 13.7" x 17.7" (if for an 11 x 14 frame with mat. Both size and proportions would differ for an 8 x 10 frame.)  1 – 2 colors.  (Every portrait has a background, which, even if it has color, doesn't count as one.) The majority of portraits on the Portfolio page are Basic.


 • Frame with 1.5" mat

 • Texture (See below)

 • Extra colors

 • Engraving style 1

 • Engraving style 2

 • Prints

 • Larger than 14" x 18"

 • Change request


Price in rollover chart + shipping

+ $50

+ $25 first, + $15 ea. addt'l

+ $50

+ $100

+ $25 first, + $1 ea. addt'l, + ship

To be determined

To be determined

portrait options

Here are some examples of products your artwork may be adapted to. I can be involved at any level. You can upload the artwork yourself and order most of these from an online service without my involvement at all. You may wish me to format the artwork for a given product, for which I charge $25. Or I can take care of everything, including ordering, for the prices shown below plus $50 plus shipping. Additionally I can design products such as business cards, greeting cards or wedding invitations. Extra large canvases and jack-o'-lantern stencils require special artwork, which would need to be arranged at the outset. (The jack-o'-lantern digital stencil is no extra charge. Or if you wish I can create the physical stencil and send it to you for $50 plus shipping. Either way, instructions and carving tips are included.) All of the following prices are in addition to the cost of the original portrait.

 • T-shirt

 • Mug

 • Hat

 • Pillow

 • Phone Case

 • Magnet

 • Journal

 • Calendar

 • Canvas

 • Wedding Invitation

 • Greeting Cards

 • Shower Curtain

 • Tablet Case

 • Bumper sticker

 • Business card

 • Jack-o'-lantern stencil



(See page)




≥$1.50 ea.












 • Pets

 • Children

 • Partners

 • House

 • Celebrities

subject matter Options

About the texture option mentioned above. There is no Photoshop filter or plugin which can create a real-looking texture. Those are faux and look it. Mine is literally a real texture, created by printing the image on textured paper and scanning it back in. That's the simple explanation; the details of this exclusive technique is somewhat labor intensive. Hence the extra cost. But I highly recommend it. Digital artwork with this texture does not look digital. While most of the examples on the Portraits page do not have texture, all four showcase pieces on the Home page do, as does all of my personal work.


All prices subject to change. All artwork copyright © 1998–2015 by Terry Payne