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how to order

YOU EMAIL ME at vsportraits@gmail.com. Include:



Your photo (See below for what makes a good photo.)


What extras you want from the options page, if any, including…


If you think you may be interested in a particular product. (This may determine what resolution and/or proportions I give it.)

I EMAIL YOU with the price. If I feel there is anything we need to discuss I'll give you my phone number.



Click Pay Now button to the right. Fill in agree-upon price and click Update. If you don't have a PayPal account you can either create one or choose to use a credit card.

what makes a good photo

SUBJECT: Start with a picture you love. Either the person looks great, or it's somehow an interesting shot. Note that in half of the examples below (and half of the pieces on the Portfolio page) the subject is not looking at the camera. This sometimes makes for a more interesting piece.


LIGHTING: It's easiest for me if the subject is hit by hard light at a sharp angle, as from bright sunlight or a focused lamp (use tin foil). The idea is that there is a well-defined shadow, whose edges define the contours of the face. See examples below. If there is no hard shadow I may — not necessarily, but possibly — need to employ an engraving style ($50 extra) in order to indicate the contours of the face.


CROPPING: If your photo shows the subject's whole body, let me know if you want the artwork to incorporate the whole body or if you want a classic bust cropping, as shown in the examples below.


QUALITY: Send it at full size and full resolution. Also, do not compress it. By that I mean, do not use some automatic feature which prepares it for web or email. JPG is good if set at maximum quality (12 or at least 10). If it's too big to email try using a lossless compression. (On a Mac right click on the file and choose compress. This creates a zip file.) If that's still too big to email, send a reduced version and I'll decide if it's usable or if I will need you to upload the big version to my dropbox.


MAIL: If it is a physical photograph, please scan it (E.g., at any copy store) at 100% size or more and 300 ppi or more, and email me the file. You can send me the physical photo if you need to — I will give you a postal address — but there will be a scanning fee.