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about me and my methods

ME: My name is Terry Payne. I have illustrated for a variety of publications, including The Wall Street Journal and the Playboy Jazz Festival program. In using vintage styles I don't feel that I am engaging in pastiche, so much as I am just trying to produce work which I feel is as beautiful or powerful as possible, which happens to correspond to styles of the past. People seem to interest me more than any other subject, but I do more than portraiture. My solely-portraiture portfolio is on the following page; but the breadth of my illustration beyond the scope of this site is indicated by the samples below. While my love and primary gift is Illustration, I also am a professional graphic designer; have done some freelance web design, animation and musical arranging; and dabble in musical composition/recording, creative writing and photography. All of my creative work, professional or otherwise, is featured at MY METHODS: My project here at Vintage-Style Portraits is to use photographs of (mostly) people as springboards for art. Each piece is uniquely conceptualized on the basis of the particular subject. While the work is digital, I execute it by hand, from the whole down to the smallest detail, "carving" the edges of each color with a digital pen tool just as I would a soft linoleum block. (While the majority of the pieces on the Portfolio page are faux woodblock prints, you will find below that I have done some actual woodblock-print portraiture. This is personal work; as an option for this site it would be tremendously expensive and is not being offered at this time.) One of the aspects I love about vintage work is the texture of the printed piece. For my portraits at this site this kind of texture is offered as an option. The four pieces above illustrate it, and a close-up can be seen in the Texture rollover on the Options page. This is achieved by use of a somewhat time-intensive method – physical, not digital – all my own, and cannot be simulated by any software or plugin.

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